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Dance. (2023)


When life tries to bring you down, JUST DANCE !!


Authentic Produced by Mardy Lui

Size / 297 mm x 420 mm


Mardy is a graphic designer and tattoo artist who loves using simple lines to create unique and impactful visuals. She pays attention to detail and balance to ensure her work is visually pleasing and flows smoothly. Whether it's designing posters or tattoos, her goal is to create memorable and meaningful art.


Come, dance with her lines.


Mardy 是一位圖像設計師及紋身師,追求是是以極簡的線條,創造出獨特而強烈的視覺效果。她注重細節和平衡,確保作品中能夠展現出整體的美感和流暢性。不論是設計海報還是紋身,她都專注於創造出引人共鳴且難以忘懷的作品。